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Here you will find the best priced, hand crafted, quality scratching posts in Queensland.

Are you planning a furry addition to your family or has your moggie ripped up the sofa, flooring and who knows what else dealing with those ever growing claws? Unfortunately, there are so many cheap, poorly constructed posts on the market. We've all seen them in the stores and on the internet. Wobbly and covered in felt but the prices are so good. We all know that they won't last long but what's the alternative? Jenna's cat posts are the alternative. The highest quality posts at the lowest possible prices.


Please click the images below to view products within each price range. All posts can be customized and altered e.g. bigger, rope added, an inscription. Or if you want something completely unique, please contact me and I'll do my best to help you.

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$301 - $400



Carpets and colours


Q. What are the posts made from?

A. All posts are made from Melamine, MDF, new carpet, solid pine poles and natural sisal rope (optional). The platforms and boxes are Melamine, the barriers around platforms are MDF, the posts are solid pine. All carpets are new and unused. No felt here. I only stock neutral colours generally creams, beiges, browns, blacks and greys. The sisal rope is 8mm thick and it's 100% natural so it is cat safe. If they ingest a small amount, it can break down naturally. The colour is a light creamy yellow. Colours may vary, as sisal is a natural product. All dimensions on this site are base and height dimensions and they are the wood sizes. Carpet will add 2cm - 4cm on to these. Different carpets vary in thicknesses, which affects the finished dimensions and weight. Outdoor posts are made from marine plywood, solid pine poles and marine carpet.

How does carpet choice/pricing work?

I offer 3 types of carpet. The first price that you see is for the standard PLUSH pile carpet. I buy end of rolls and remnants. These carpets are used on the standrad priced model and there is no colour choice. It's Pot luck! The second price is for LOOP pile carpet I buy in. It is strong and has 5 colours to choose from. Some people love loop pile, some hate it. It tends to last longer but when it goes, it goes. Some cats have trouble retracting their claws too. If you're not sure about your cats retracting ability, it's probably safer to choose the standard carpet or third option. The third price is for CUT pile carpet. This carpet is bought in, comes in 5 colours and is high quality. There aren't many cats that don't like it. It's made of 50% wool and 50% Polyester. Great stuff!

Q. How long will it take to make?

A. The bigger the post, the longer the build. Most posts take me 1-2 days to build but there is generally a 3 week wait. However, occasions such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas have a huge bearing on wait times.

Q. When will I know when it's finished?

A. I will contact you via email, phone or SMS to notify you when I start to build your post. When it's finished I'll send you a picture to make sure that you're happy with it before collection/delivery.

Q. Do have any guarantees?

A. I guarantee all my structural work for 12 months. I can't guarantee carpet life as different cats scratch different amounts and with varied force. I always use the best materials I can and reinforce where I believe necessary. In a nutshell, if it breaks I'll fix it. If I can't fix it, I'll replace it. If I can't replace it, I'll fully refund it. I stand by my work.

Q. My kitten keeps getting stuck on a post. Is there something wrong with it?

A. If you buy a big post for a little kitten, please remember that they may not have a lot of confidence climbing yet. Getting up is easy but getting down can be daunting to a 12 week old kitten. Most adult cats can comfortably sit on a 15cm² platform and can race up and down ceiling height poles without breaking a sweat. Sometimes kittens need time and patience to build the confidence and strength to tackle high posts.

Q. Do you ship orders?

A. I am ship orders with PostNet. These guys are very professional and all posts are custom packaged. They fully guarantee against damage and most posts take 3-5 business days to deliver. To obtain a delivery quote, I'll need to know the name of the cat post you're interested in, suburb name and a postcode. My cat posts come fully assembled and I take great care building them so they do not come apart easily. Due to their weight and bulk, shipping can often cost as much a the post itself.

Q. What methods of payment due you take?

A. I take cash, Eftpos or you can do a bank transfer. If you're paying cash, please bring exact money, as I do not keep any change at home for safety reasons and if transferring funds, please allow enough time for the funds to clear before collection/delivery or email me the confirmation of transfer page.

Q. Do you need a deposit?

A. Sometimes. If you are requesting something big, something unique or request a cats name on the post, I may ask for a deposit because it may be hard to re-sell if you change your mind. Also, if you choose the Loop pile carpet or cut pile carpets, I may require a deposit. All deposits are non-refundable and generally about 50% of the total cost.

Q. Do I have to collect it when it's finished?

A. It's up to you. You are welcome to collect from me but some posts are large and heavy, so it's best to bring a vehicle of adequate size when collecting and you may need a second person to help you unload your end. Please measure the openings in your vehicle to insure that the dimensions will fit through them. I can deliver posts for a minimum of $20. Deliveries tend to be late afternoon, evenings and weekends when my Husband isn't using his van. He requires his van for work so I have to work around his schedule.

Q. What extras are available?

A. At present I can add sisal rope, a toy on a spring, underlay for added cushioning and custom lettering for that personal touch. After a consultation with a vet who recommended against it, I no longer put toys on strings. Safety is always my first priority.

Q. Do you recover posts?

A. I am highly allergic to cats and when I handle used cat posts, I suffer massive asthma attacks. As a result, I can recover posts if the carpet needing replacing is removed prior to delivery and the post as a whole is well vacuumed. Another factor to consider is the thickness and condition of the platforms. The staples I use are typically 16mm long. If the platforms are 16mm thick or bigger, I can recover them. Poles cannot be too soft either as my stapler uses a lot of force to punch the staples in. It's best to email or text me with a picture and we can go from there.

Q. Do you keep stock on site?

A. No. I make to order and any posts I have with me are just waiting to be collected or delivered. You are welcome to visit me to discuss a post. If you need something immediately, it's probably best to get something from a shop to avoid new cats or kittens picking up bad habits quickly.

Q. Do you have a cat?

A. We have a 5 year old female white Blue Russian called Snow.


I can deliver posts in and around the Brisbane city area, using my husbands work van. His working times vary but I can generally deliver from 4pm, most days. Sometimes earlier, I'll know more the day before.I hate going into Brisbane city between 4pm and 6pm on weekdays, for obvious reasons. If it has to be during thse times, there'll be a surcharge, as my prices are based on time and fuel used. Trips during these times can triple the duration.

Below is a table of rough delivery prices. I can deliver outside of this map. Please email me for a quote.

About Me

My name is Jenna and I build cat scratch posts and cat furniture. I am a 32 year old with two beautiful children. My wonderful husband is in the flooring industry.

A few years ago, we were browsing a local pet store and stumbled across some cat scratch posts with huge prices on them. At closer inspection, we discovered that the materials were of poor quality and the execution was sub-standard. The posts were wobbly, had huge visible staples and the carpets weren't even on straight. I joked to my husband that I could build a product of far superior quality and durability, to which he challenged me. The next day he brought home some new carpet and industrial cardboard tubing. He lent me his professional tools and away I went. I had to ask his help for a few tricks of the trade regarding the finish but in a nutshell, I built my first scratch post. I found the experience quite enjoyable and showed a friend of mine who had just bought a kitten. The kitten loved it. My friend said that I should sell them, whilst strategically avoiding implying that she should pay for hers, so I made a few more.

In the coming weeks, I discovered that there was a fatal flaw in the standard construction of scratch posts, as I had based my construction on the pre-existing designs of others. With minor added expense, I found alternative construction methods that offered a superior strength and sturdiness.

Thank you

I would like to personally thank the following people and businesses for their help and support: Bunnings Cannon Hill and Capalaba. Purrrfect pet place. Belmont road vet surgery. Babushkablue Russians. Berezka Russian Blues. Sixribbons cattery. Capalaba cat cottage. Cats Meow cattery. The Cat Clinic, Mt Gravatt and all its staff. My Facebook followers and all my customers. My patient children a.k.a weight/strength testers, my arty Dad and of course the back bone of my little business, my husband Gary, to whom this would not be possible. Thank you all for your confidence and support.


Alyson Plint - "Your website is a model of style and sense and your product is fantastic - your build quality is superb, the finish impeccable, and the value-for-money is peerless. Ours has paid for itself in sheer entertainment value already. The ordering process was painless and you delivered much sooner than anticipated. I truly wish you all the very best: please quote me on this."

Babushkablue Russians - "Thanks Jenna, again, it looks so much fun for the ‘kids’. I really think you are amazing to create that!"

Berezka Russian Blues - "Thank you very much for the post, the girls downstairs love it"

Sixribbons cattery - "Thanks for a fantastic scratching pole & perch for Tassie."

Capalaba cat cottage - "Thanks Jenna they were great – you do a great job and love them"

Acacia ridge pet resort - "Love them Jenna. They surpassed my expectations!"

Graham Walsh - "It's not a cat tree, it's a work of art!"


I have recently returned to building cat posts, after an 18 month break to help out in my husbands company. I am building posts again, part time. So if you'd like a cat post made, please send me an email on the below address. I'll get back to you asap and endevour to help you out in anyway that I can.

PO Box 5233 Alexandra Hills, Queensland 4161